Our People, Place, and Future


Our People, Place, and Future

Meet Angie

Love for her community is something that drives Angie Nelson Deuitch to do better and work harder every day. She is known to many around Michigan City as a friend; a colleague; an elected official; a hardworking professional; a cheerleader for education and leadership; a wife, mother, and daughter; and most importantly, an advocate and champion of others.

Currently, Angie serves as President of the Michigan City Common Council and operates I&D Squared, a consulting firm focusing on inclusion and diversity. Her leadership certifications, management experience, and all-around tenacity allow her to reach, understand and meet people where they are without judgment.

My Top Priorities

Our tagline, “Re-imagine Michigan City: Our People, Our Place, and Our Future” represents our goal of being the premier place to live, work and play in the Region! Investing in Our People, Our Neighborhoods, and Our Businesses will improve the quality of life for EVERYONE including new residents and all the former residents who will be clamoring to move back. Team Angie is building and developing a coalition of volunteers who love Michigan City and its potential.
We take PRIDE in who we are!

Our People

The foundation of Michigan City is built on our people. We have a diverse population of community members and leaders with a love for our great city. It is important to prepare and strengthen our families, students, businesses, and government employees for the opportunities ahead.

Our Place

Michigan City is built along one of our greatest assets, Lake Michigan. Our transportation corridors expand out from the lakeshore and provide great connectivity to the region with access to the South Shore, highways, and trails. Building a sense of place is important to strengthen our neighborhoods.

Our Future

Michigan City will be the premier place to live in the region. Projects are in the pipeline to create housing options for existing and future residents. Developments on the north end of town will create opportunities throughout Michigan City neighborhoods and will provide significant livable wage career choices.

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Get Involved

If you would like to become a part of this movement, please join Team Angie. There are many ways you can participate.